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skooza® K1 - Coastal Blue

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A street-ripping powerhouse!

"Wheels of all kinds claim 'snowboard-like feel', but this edge-to-edge carving experience is the real deal." - Kenny S.


✔ Need for Speed - K1 gives you 2 performance options: 

K1 - Top Speed =  20mph

K1S  Top Speed Up To 28mph

✔ 9.5" OG Street Tires - Why give an inch when they really want 9.5?  BIG tires equal more safety, comfortable ride, precise handling and awesome aesthetics. And at a true 9.5" wide from edge to edge, K1 tires are bigger and badder than any other big wheel scooter out there, giving it unmatched character and carving ability.

This ain't your mamma's ebike 😏

✔ Premium Battery & Build - There's more to the K1 than big tires. This big wheel scooter was built to be the most reliable, beautiful and intelligently designed available. From LG 18650 battery cells to the 6061 aerospace aluminum frame with internally-routed wiring, skooza® K1 is on top of the game.

 Self-Balancing - No kickstand makes the K1 easy to get on & go or stop & pop-off.

✔ High-Viz LED Lighting - Front and rear integrated LEDs that flash when you brake ensure maximum visibility for enhanced road safety.

✔ Electronic Motor Lock - Deter theft with panache. When powered down K1's motor locks electronically, giving a subtle "resistance pulse" to anyone that tries to roll it away.

✔ RFID Key Card - Just swipe to unlock! A first-ever feature in the electric scooter or bicycle market.🥇

✔ Instant Range Estimator - K1's digital readout displays a real-time range estimate based on your immediate riding conditions, so you never get caught with your charge down.

✔ Plug & Play Design - With low-maintenance in mind, virtually every component on the K1 can be unplugged & replaced in 15 minutes or less with little-to-no technical skill and only basic instruction.

✔ 24/7 Support - By phone, email and chat, we are here when you need us.

2 Year Limited Warranty - Industry-leading peace of mind.


✔ Save Time - Beat cars, use the bike lane, get there faster and park easily without getting raged-out in traffic or fussing about.

✔ Save Money - For the equivalent energy cost of 1 gallon of gasoline, you can ride a skooza® K1 over 1,000 miles.* At this rate, can you afford not to ride one? 🤔

✔ Look Good - Of course, there's no accounting for taste, but try to find another product that captures the same quality of attention... ... ?... ... we'll wait, it'll take a while.

✔ Be Happy - Honestly, if anything else gives you a bigger or longer-lasting happy face than owning & riding a K1, we'll eat our skooza® SoCali Snapback hat!

 Reduce Pollution - It's electric!

*Based on $3.75/gallon gasoline cost, $.10/kwh electricity cost and a 35 mile average range per charge.