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Regular price $3,795.00

Based on our world-class K1 frame, you also get:

✔ Custom decking by SeaDek®

✔ Waterproof cover included

✔ Up to 28 MPH top speed - standard

✔ 2 RFID wristband ID keys

✔ Knobby tires for the ultimate desert crawl


"Makes us thirsty just looking at it."



✔ World's ONLY production 6061 aerospace aluminum big wheel scooter frame - 95 lbs curb weight, will not rust like low-quality steel frames.

✔ 1000W hyper-coil motor - optimally tuned to outperform.

✔ 48V 20AH Battery (LG Chem Cells) ~1 kilowatt

CONSUMER NOTE: Beware systems claiming 60V+ in unregistered, personal electric vehicles. Over 60V is considered "high-voltage" in the US, and not legally sold without special certifications that most sellers do not possess. High volts equal more heat, low reliability and less safety in 99% of electric scooters being sold with such systems. As always, educate yourself, or get fooled by numbers that don't add up to quality products. 

✔ 2 RFID Key Cards


PLEASE NOTE:  Self-balancing on the SKORPION is approximately 50% of the regular K1 due to the more rounded tire shape.